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About Me


I became a certified Hypnotherapist in the  Spring of 2019.  I have been excited and fascinated to realize how strongly hypnotherapy relates to creative visualization, some types of meditation, shamanic healing and utilizing the power of the  mind/body connection  to heal, all of which, I have been exploring since the early 1990s .  It is thrilling to embark on this new path while still enjoying helping people reduce physical pain, improve digestion and women to reduce painful cycles and improve fertility.

Although I have been a certified massage therapist and energy healing practitioner since 1995, I have specialized in The Arvigo techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT) for digestive women's reproductive health since 2008. I truly enjoy  providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which people can reduce or resolve physical, emotional and spiritual pain through hypnosis and massage for overall health. I am passionate about empowering people, especially women to understand their bodies better and learn ways to add in self care practices that are simple, yet effective.

My interest in holistic healing began as a child after my mother introduced me to to different kinds of alternative healing methods. When I was eight years old I observed while both my mother and brother received traditional healing ceremonies in a mud packed Hogan (a circular Navajo/Dine structure used either as a living space or for ceremonies) from an elderly medicine man who spoke only Navajo in Northern Arizona. From the time I was ten I received reflexology sessions from one of my mother's friends to help relieve migraines.

During ballet and modern dance training in high school and college, I received massages occasionally to help relieve tired aching muscles. After graduating from UCLA in 1994 with a B.A. in World Arts and Cultures: Concentration in Dance, I decided to attend massage school and discovered I could foster my love of working with the body in a different yet complimentary pathway to dance.

My Hypnotherapy training  was a 200 Hynotherapy Certification from HCH Institute, Lafayette, CA  May 2019 and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Dolores Canon's Style, May 2023.


My somatic education includes over 600 hours of training. I completed a 500 Hour Massage program at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (IPSB), Culver City, CA in 1996. 


Continuing education includes: Hot Stone Massage training at BSI, El Segundo, CA in 1998, Sports massage with Russian teacher Victor Dence, Los Angeles, 1999, Pranic Healing Institute for Inner Studies, Los Angeles,CA 2002, Facial Massage with Val Guin, Los Angeles, CA 2008, Raindrop Therapy at IPSB, Culver City, CA in 2008.  Arvigo Techniques of Maya

Abdominal Therapy TM with Rosita Arvigo PhD., Belize, Central America, 2008 (80 hours of training total including additional training in the US).

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