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I found Stacey serendipitously, and am very glad I did.  At the time, I was having nearly debilitating menstrual cramps.  After just a few sessions of Maya abdominal massage, that issue has been resolved.  I continue to see her for therapeutic massages to augment my chiropractic therapy.  I have referred friends to her which is the best recommendation I can give.  If I had to choose between Stacey's massages and my chiropractic c are, I would not hesitate to choose Stacey.

Dina - Lakewood, CO    

I had the wonderful opportunity to have Stacey
provide me the Maya Abdominal Massage (MAM)
for about 2 months before she moved to Denver,
and I want to say how lucky I was! Her touch was
so gentle yet firm when necessary, and sensitive to
what my body needed -- I could tell she was listening
to it. I really appreciated her respectful approach
to this healing art and to the body and her wisdom
was very evident every time I had her services.
Stacey's sweet, gentle personality makes you feel at
ease right away, that the trust issue was a no-brainer.
I would eagerly see her every week, and just give
in to the bliss of that one hour session each time.

Stacey also teaches her MAM clients self-care
techniques, which I've been doing even after she's
moved. Combining that with the weekly MAM I
was getting from her was the one-two punch I
needed to start experiencing very obvious
improvements with my digestion and gynecological
issues. I highly recommend having her do the
Maya to anyone having digestive, gynecological
or back issues as this technique greatly relieved
those issues I had. I imagine had I been able
to continue with her for a longer period of time,
my digestive and gynecological issues would've
mostly disappeared. I really miss Stacey
and her touch. I am still looking for a replacement.

L.O., Los Angeles



Hi Stacey!I loved the Maya abdominal massage you did, it was the most relaxing 2 hours I had in a long time. If I'll be able to, I'll try to go to Austria or Switzerland for one more Maya massage...before starting IVF treatment.It was great meeting you, thanks for your help, wishing you all the best.Hope we'll meet again one day!

N.G - Los Angeles

I found Stacey on the internet looking for a cure for my stomach problems.     I researched adhesion and found that physical therapy and massage could help.  Well, I tried Stacey and found relief after the first treatment.  I have continued to see Stacey because she is the only medicine I have found effective and she is reasonably priced and open on Saturdays, so it makes it convenient. I also just have to say that her experience is just awesome!

CW- Arvada, CO

Stacey was the first massage therapist who ever listen to me. Being a professional dancer and finally having the funds to take care of myself, my path crossed Stacey's as I was working in the same health club. Once she put her hands on me, that was it. I knew that I would never settle for less than the quality of her work.

She did not just listen to my long list of injuries, but when she started her work, she listened to my breath and connected with every muscle, tendons and ligaments. I did not just feel her healing hands but a complete relief and an amazing trust. It is not easy to surrender to another, but my body and my soul felt so safe

and cared for that I had to come back to Stacey as often as I could. Unfortunately, I moved and we could no longer have our sessions.

I want to thank Stacey for showing me what a real massage is all about.If you have the opportunity to have a massage from her or think about having a session, I wouldn't miss it. Don't hesitate, you will not regret it.

Fabienne Levenson - California

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