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Local practitioners and informational websites



Margy  Campbell

Coaching - Jessica Gutierrez - Web of Life coaching for

Health and Business

Energy Healing:

Erin Murray at Chakrafix - distant healings for animals and humans.

Nataline Cruz - With Strawberry Moon Energetics - One of the most transformative Healers I have been honored to receive healing from. Phone Platicas truly from the heart. ( In Person in Denver)


Brenda Generali at Joyful Living services. The study of health issues and genetic tendencies showing up in the iris.

Additional Massage Therapists

Karen Wright- gives an amazing flowing and nurturing massage.

Tanya Reed - Also gives a wonderful flowing integrative massage.


Bridget - my favorite Reiki and energy healer in Auburn- a town with many good practitioners.

Skin Care

Botanical Beauty with Monica Tomasi - a wonderful esthetician who truly cares and gives great facials.


Sound Healing:

Studio BE in Auburn, CA

Doug and Bridget are the sweetest people and exude love and healing energy! They have a beautiful studio with wonderful group sound healing and other types of wonderful events.


Judy Guadalupe - Midtown Sacramento If you want to get tuned up and truly go on a unique transformational healing journey and be truly seen.

Trauma Therapy

Michelle Hunt- Auburn and online

Allyson Lasch  at Incline Counseling Group


Yoga Online with Minga Lilly at

Sweetest Little Life

East Wind - Auburn

WellBEing Guide for the Sacramento Area - lists many types of modalities.

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